It Was a Hilly Ride

Today I went on a bike ride where I either averaged 9 mph or 28 mph.  That means I was either going up or going down.  Since I haven’t been riding a whole lot this summer, I was not prepared for the hills I encountered.  They were very difficult, but I did them.  At times I even got off to walk.   For me to get off to walk, it had to be HILLY. 

Message:  Have you ever been challenged with something in your life that you were not ready for, but you were able to do it anyways?  It’s always better to work up to something, but sometimes if you do not have the time to work up to it, and you take on the challenge anyways, you may amaze yourself that you can still do it.  That’s what happened to me today.

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Bike Poem By Jacki Rose

During my cross-country bike trip, we climbed Monarch Pass, the continental divide between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  I wrote a poem about my experience:

Cycling Monarch Pass
Was quite painful on my ass
I was the last one to the top
Some were on the sky ride
Others browsed the gift shop
Eleven thousand three hundred twelve was the elevation
This doesn’t feel much like a vacation
We ride and ride all day long
At times we may sing a song
Passing each other on the road
Some are racing
Others seem like they’re carrying a load
Eventually we all make it in
A thigh may hurt or even a shin
We eat tons of food at dinner
How the hell are we supposed to get thinner

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Beautiful Westport, MA

One of my first rides this season was with the NBW (Narragansett Bay Wheelmen) through the Westport area.  I even saw some pretty good looking cows.  Whenever I’m on the bike or near the water I feel great.  This day I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy both.  What makes you feel great?  Go out and do it today or within the next 7 days.

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Raynham and Lakeville Ride

17 or 35?  Which shall I do.  That was the burning question in my mind yesterday when riding with the Narragansett Bay Wheelmen.  How many miles shall I ride?  If I do 17, I can finish early and have more time visiting with my relatives. If I do 35 I can spend the day doing what really makes me happy – biking!  I chose the 35 mile route and was so glad I did.  I still had plenty of time to visit with my relatives. Today do what makes you happy!

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Facebook Fan Page

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Cycling with a message.

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Blackstone Valley Bike Path

It was hot and I was tired, but I went anyways.  Not only did I go further than I planned on, but I enjoyed every bit of the ride and had a lot more energy once I started to pedal.

Have you ever been too tired or just not in the mood to take action on something that you wanted to do, but your body didn’t.  Or maybe your body did, but your mind didn’t.  Or maybe neither your body nor your mind wanted to.  Next time that happens, take a small step towards that action item.  Maybe you are too tired to check your emails.  Your small step may be to just turn on the computer.  Maybe you are just not in the mood to take a walk or go for a work out.  Your small step may be to just put on your workout clothes or walking sneakers.  Then your next step may be to walk to the mailbox to get the mail.  By the time you get to the mailbox, you may decide to keep going.  Maybe you need to update your resume.  You could start my deciding to just work on one part of it (i.e. listing your skills).

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